White supremacy. Let’s imagine a big piece of plywood that is on top of people’s feet squashing people’s toes. White people stand on the plywood, and are unable to leave it.

Being white traps white people on the white supremacy board- none of us aren’t on it. And the people with their feet under it can’t get out from there.

The people getting their toes squished have every right to be angry because they are in constant pain. There are white people jumping up and down on the board because they are mean. The people in pain get to scream…

Companies that have expertise at the baby/new parent market and companies that have expertise at the kind of tech (wearable IoT, computer vision, etc) do not broadly overlap.

It’s not impossible for a big company to have a winning product in this market, but we keep seeing new players like Nanit, Owlet, Hatch, and Snoo winning the intersection of tech needs and user experience needs.

This article is part of my Real quick — Our Connected Lives series.
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Unpaid internships, by law, have to cost the company more than they benefit the company. If it isn’t essentially community service, your company is breaking the law.

The reality is always more complicated than the soundbite, though, right?

Pre-pandemic, I was a college professor for income and had started an early stage tech company that wasn’t near the “has money to pay anyone (including myself)” stage. When I wasn’t teaching this summer because of low enrollment and a bunch of students’ internships were canceled because of the timing of the pandemic and I took on 25 and essentially gave them…

Taking some liberties as these things are evolving and reaching for most effective way to describe a reasonable way to handle these ideas for the purposes an organization’s D&I considerations in relationship to gender. Working towards diversity and inclusion is and will always be a work in progress, so if you are at this step, hop in!

Gender is not the same as the sex written on your paperwork as a newborn based on physical characteristics and it’s not the same as romantic or sexual orientation.

Gender is multi-faceted

I’m this kind of nerd, so it’s a pretty long list though I’m trying to keep it relevant to start-up entrepreneurship business. What books am I missing here?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Steven Kotler (Author) Peter H Diamandis (Author)

Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World
Peter H Diamandis (Author) Steven Kotler (Author)

Markets & Products
Free: The Future of a Radical Price
Chris Anderson (Author)

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More
Chris Anderson (Author)

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
Nir Eyal (Author)…

Just Stop: The Kids Will Be Alright. Do Tech Better & Let Them Lead.

First, In the Course of Our Response to All This,
Can Students Get a Better Education?

In particular, our little kids are over-academic-ed compared with other countries that do education better. For real, read The Smartest Kids in the World and NurtureShock and Einstein Never Used Flash Cards and the like and realize that kids come equipped with learning tools, and most need to learn character skills like resilience, grit, and growth mindset to prepare for life-long learning, and listen to Sugata Mitra talk about how kids effectively learn content for themselves with coaching from the cloud.

Second, In the Course of Our Response to All This,
Can Teachers’ Skills and Talents be Better Utilized

If Teachers need to shift…

And our spot in the unpredictable arc of trends and happenstance in business

In a recession, cheap foods like ramen noodles sell better, and we all know that some events lead to booms in the baby-having department. There are already memes and articles talking about the likelihood of the Coronavirus social distancing practices leading to a bunch of babies 9 months down the line.

Friends, it’s 9.5 months or 38 weeks, and we actually call it “40” because we count gestation from the last menstrual cycle before conception. So that’s something. Now you know.

But also. My company is making…

How to get the best out of talented people at a distance

One challenge of having a bunch of really talented high-performers who are fractional and not even all in the same city is coordinating digitally instead of the easier “in each others’ faces” office-style communication and progress.

0. Hire great people. As long as this is where are starting from, managing work and leading team at a distance is way easier. I know this is a bit of a cop-out entry, but, frankly, the rest doesn’t really work if you don’t start with great people. …

Connect Wolf - in the desert with consumer electronics!

Connected Life!
aka Tuesday Morning
The smart home folks (Bosch, LG, Amazon, etc) are positioning their ecosystems as “Connected Life” with AI-driven insights beyond the front door. I watched and listened to the stories they are telling and talked with them about positioning the connected family integration.

Booth Goals!
aka Tuesday Afternoon
Checked out the booths in Eureka Park like what we could likely have next year, found set-ups that worked well logistically and aesthetically to tell their stories and some things that didn’t. Build a plan to revisit when useful.

  1. Bring a hydration pack
    Those small backpacks with a water bladder and tube. If you can get away with something other than a full-on briefcase, this will give you a chance to stay hydrated in the people-packed desert-air as you walk miles each day throughout the space. It’s easy to forget to drink and pricey if you forget to throw your water bottle into your bag, and this was super helpful for me. Also awesome- it means your bag gets lighter as the day goes on!

2. Avoid the Eureka Park Sands exit if cigarette smoke bothers you. The people…

Jenn Sydeski

CEO of Connect Wolf, professor, tinkerer, operations nerd, recovering scientist, and mama.

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